The $100k Hero.



Once you’ve made $100,000 with Kajabi, we reward you with the power to choose your own reward. That’s right! Choose between a custom #KajabiHero Corkcicle water bottle, beach towel, or hoodie. You can’t go wrong! Plus, you get a gold 100K pin to add to your growing collection. At this point in the game, you’re unstoppable!

You've got options. Pick between:


#KajabiHero Jacket

#KajabiHero Towel

Keeping you warm, Kajabi style.

Take a vacation day, you deserve it.


#KajabiHero Corkcicle Water Bottle.

Water is life. So is Kajabi.


Either way, you still get these rewards:


$100k Achievement Pin

Personal Note from our CEO.

You earned it, and you better get ready for more.

Well, and us. We love you already <3.


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