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That’s right! Every web page and digital product you see on this sample site was created on Kajabi. Go ahead—click around and explore the possibilities of what you can make. Even experience the checkout process all the way up to taking an online course on Kajabi.

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Everything you see here you can build too with Kajabi.

Everything on this site, including the web pages and online course, was created right here on Kajabi—so you can see what your own online business could look like to customers.

Build a unique website.

With a powerful website builder, easily build a unique website that represents your business—no coding required. Design your own backgrounds, add parallax scrolling, and insert call to actions where they matter the most. The result? Beautiful, dynamic pages that bring your brand to life.

Create a great user experience.

Kajabi’s premade site templates make it easy to provide a great user experience: the key to driving sales! With the framework of each page already in place, create an organized and mobile-friendly website. Site visitors won’t have to think twice about purchasing your online course.

Discover how to build a single landing page or a full-blown website on Kajabi with our free Site Building & Design webinar.

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What your course on Kajabi can look like to customers.

This is a “product” section, where you can show off your online courses and other digital products. With Kajabi, you can create, market, and sell products all from the same dashboard so you can turn your knowledge into income in record time.

Go through the free checkout process, and take a look at a real online course built with Kajabi below!

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Build your audience 
Grow a community 
Market your business

Write a brief summary of your mini-course.

Here is where you can provide value and benefits to your ideal customer.

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What real customers are saying about Kajabi


“Before I had to piece together different tools and when things went wrong it was a disaster. With Kajabi, I have all I need at my fingertips to create, build and scale my thought leader business.”

- Mel Abraham
Speaker and Author 

Don’t downplay the power of testimonials! Kajabi makes it easy to add quotations and headshots like you see here.

Frequently asked questions

This is a “frequently asked question” section, also known as a “FAQ” section. Here, you can answer some of your visitor’s most common questions. Here’s an example using one of our own FAQ sections!

Do you know that online courses are one of the easiest ways to monetize your knowledge?

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